Movies to Watch out for This Summer

By Ali Bush ‘19
Film Columnist

As finals approach and the pressures of finding a summer job become very real, we all need a little something to distract us. Here are a couple of films coming soon to theaters that have caught my attention in my many hours of procrastination on imdb.

The Neon Demon
“The Neon Demon,” appears to be an innovative, yet very real take on a horror flick. The film will tell the story of an aspiring model (played by Dakota Fanning) and her career in the cut-throat world of Los Angeles fashion. Reminiscent of “Black Swan” (2010), this trendy, aesthetically-driven thriller tackles the pressures that young women face in the fashion world and the egos and greed that the industry creates. After countries such as France, Spain, and Italy have recently passed laws outlawing images of dangerously skinny models and photoshopping, this film seems to be perfectly timed. The combination of demonic and trendy visuals in this trailer’s film have intrigued me already. “The Neon Demon” will be released in June on Amazon.

 Alice Through the Looking Glass
This summer’s list of anticipated blockbusters is heavily made up of sequels, one of those being Tim Burton’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” While featuring much of the original cast, the sequel adds in some new stars, such as Sasha Baron Cohen as the evil keeper of time. The trailer reveals even more elaborate settings and costumes than the first film, but the plot appears to be exactly the same: Alice must protect wonderland from evil forces once again. However, the film does feature a time travelling element in which we see the childhoods of characters like the Mad Hatter and the White Queen. We’ll see if this sequel can stand apart from its predecessor or if it’s just Disney’s attempt at making some extra cash. See it for yourself in theaters May 27th.

Free State of Jones
“The Free State of Jones” is rumored to be one of the first possible Oscar releases for next year’s award ceremonies. The film tells the true story of a poor Mississippi farmer named Newton Knight (played by Matthew McConaughey) who leads a rebellion of poor farmers and slaves against the Confederate Army. From the trailer, I can gather that the inter-racial rebellion is an anti-war proletariat revolt that is focused more on class struggle. The trailer surprisingly focuses more on the struggles of poor white farmers, rather than slavery, the most horrific narrative of the antebellum south. We’ll see if the film measures up to the Oscar hype it is receiving when it is released in theaters June 24th.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
“Popstar” is a mockumentary, following fictional superstar, Connor4Real (played by none other than Andy Samberg) and his ridiculous antics. In reaction to recent popstar biopics, such as Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never,” this film bitterly mocks superstars that release these blockbuster films in order to prove their humility and ordinariness. The trailer is wildly funny, with images of the fake superstar performing his hit song “I’m So Humble” next to a hologram of Adam Levine. Directed by Judd Apatow and featuring cameos by countless SNL stars, this film is sure to be comedic gold. Look for it in theaters June 3rd.