Beloved Dean to Leave Scripps

By Isabel Riddick  ‘19
Staff Writer

Last week, Scripps students were notified by email that the Senior Assistant Dean of Academic Resources, Sonia De La Torre Iniguez, will be leaving Scripps effective next semester to work at Long Beach City College as a student support coordinator. 

Many of us, myself included, were quite saddened by the news. As excited as we are about Sonia, in the words of the email, “follow[ing] her passion”, there is no doubt that her absence will be felt greatly by the community.

Sonia has served Scripps very well during her time here. Not only did she revamp and strengthen the first generation student program, she helped raise awareness about disability and its effects on academic performance as well as contributed immensely to the academic accommodations program. Sonia is well known on campus for being extremely knowledgeable about and understanding of student disabilities. It is clear that she cares deeply about the Scripps student body and very much enjoys dedicating herself to making sure each individual student is faring well.

I was always amazed by the sheer amount of students Sonia was able to fit into her schedule. Despite addressing the needs of a huge number of students daily, when you sit down with her in her office she flips to a clean sheet of paser in her notebook and you know you have her full, undivided attention. She follows up promptly with any concern one may have, working with impeccable organization and grace. Again, despite the amount of work she has, you can count on her to always have a smile and friendly comment for you. 

Many students have expressed some apprehension about a new Dean of Academic Resources; the reason being that many doubt new candidates for the position could live up to Sonia’s excellence. This in itself proves Sonia’s work exceeding expectations for everyone. 

Dear Sonia: We wish you the best of luck at your new school. Scripps will always love you. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.