Poetry - Janet Asante

Janet Asante '21

Advice and Poetry Columnist


I’m high for her.

I still can’t believe she’s gone.

I still want her to be here.

My faithful side is occupied with hoping for her return.

My rational side accepts her never returning.


How can so much of me know what’s impossible?


I miss my friend Sam.



Pick something to live for and die.

You ever felt purposeless,

Or that life is some kind of purgatory?

An in-between process

One side is nothingness

The other side is heaven.


Why should I care and why does anything matter?

I could pick something.

It’s easy to obsess over any given metric,

You can become the best craftersingerpoetartistmathematicianstudent

You can become the best ____.

Just pick something to live for and die.