Mel Gilcrest ‘19


Dear Scripps Community,

As this school year comes to a close and seniors get ready to graduate, we at The Scripps Voice think it is an apt time to thank the previous Editors-in-Chief (EIC) and introduce new leadership. Seniors Elena Pinsker and Rachel Miller-Haughton have served The Scripps Voice for many years with a passionate dedication to the community and an undying commitment to journalism at the Claremont Colleges.

Elena was EIC for three years, working previously as a design editor. We want to thank her for the immense time and energy that she put into the paper for her four years at Scripps. She was an integral part of the staff and we will deeply miss her leadership (and her passionate speeches about Soul Cycle!) She will be heading off to Stanford Law School in the fall and we wish her the best of luck in her future education and career.

Rachel Miller-Haughton served as the EIC alongside Elena for a year and worked as a copy editor for the paper for two years. Rachel was a ball of light on this staff, bringing positivity, creativity and energy to every meeting. Her engagement with the staff, empathetic leadership, and passion for Scripps will be dearly missed. As a very successful English major, we know she will do great things in the future.

As our current EICs continue to work on thesis and prepare for finals and graduation, they will be turning over the paper to new leadership.

As your new co-Editors-in-Chief, we are beyond excited to take the paper in a new direction. We are committed to making The Scripps Voice a more inclusive, intersectional, anti-racist, anti-ableist, queer-friendly publication, truly representative of the Scripps community’s many unique voices. We have begun this journey by initiating partnerships with SCORE, Scripps CLORGS, and other 5C organizations, but there is so much work yet to be done; no publication is ever a finished product, and in the next few years, we hope to push ourselves continually in our goal to ethically serve and represent the Scripps community. We are also excited to announce that the Voice has begun reaching into more creative sectors and we plan to expand our coverage of art, fiction, poetry, and reviews of local art, music, and cultural events.

We invite every member of the 5C community to engage with the Voice! We welcome constructive criticism (as two white, privileged people, we absolutely can not move this paper forward without doing our research and adjusting our focus to the needs of marginalized communities) as well as all new contributors. For questions, concerns, comments, complaints, and all communications, the Editors can be reached at We look forward to the next two years of serving our community and representing your voices.

Maureen Cowhey (she, her, hers) is a sophomore at Scripps dual majoring in English and Economics looking to pursue a future career in economic journalism.

Previously, she was a writer and worked as the Business Manager for the Voice for a year, in which time she has capably and smoothly handled the many demands of the position.

She will be travelling to London in the fall of 2017 to attend University College London and returning the following semester.

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Mel Gilcrest (they, them, theirs) is a Scripps sophomore, majoring in English literature and planning for a Spanish minor. They have worked as Design Editor for the paper for two years and are beyond excited to help bring the paper in a new direction. They plan on continuing their ESL teaching after college, as well as their political/personal activism; one day they will finally write that novel.

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