By Anna Liss-Ray ‘20

Staff Writer

After a contentious election process including both general and run-off elections, on Monday, April 6, the SAS Leadership for the 2017-2018 school year was released in an email to the Scripps community. Six hundred votes were cast this year, the highest turnout in years. The list of positions included a new addition, Student Organizations Commissioner, which will be held by rising Sophomore Maddie Warman. Representing the wide range of positions within SAS, many of the chosen candidates espoused similar hopes for the new term, including a shared emphasis on transparency, accountability, and a sense of community.

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“I want to use my voice to make sure Scripps better serves its students and is held accountable for all of its failings,” said Kelly Peng, President-elect of SAS. “During my past two and a half years at Scripps though, I’ve realized that this position isn’t about me and what I want. It’s about the Scripps community and the marginalized voices on campus - specifically the ones you don’t hear about and the struggles you don’t hear about because so much of the violence these communities face is so institutionalized.”

“I know a lot of times it’s difficult to see how much work the SAS board does, but there’s so much more that goes into SAS than many students see. My goals for next year is more transparency and horizontal leadership between SAS and the student body,” said Irene Yi, rising Vice President of SAS. “One thing I’m excited on implementing for next year is SAS tabling every week in Seal Court to increase SAS’s visibility and engagement on campus. I hope students feel that they can reach out to SAS when they need it.”

“I’m very excited to work with my fellow SAS members and my fellow students more closely,” said Leta Ames, rising Sustainability Chair.

It takes a combination of personal histories, experiences, and passions to lead an individual to a leadership role. Some SAS candidates chose to share factors that have motivated and impassioned them to run for their respective positions.

“I’ve wanted to run for SAS president since I was a first year and saw Alex Frumkin’s speech during orientation,” Peng said.

“I wanted to have more of an impact on how sustainability was integrated into campus culture and initiatives. I want to serve as a liaison to the administration to advocate for the initiatives that students want and to make sure sustainability is a priority rather than an afterthought,” said Ames.

“I have been involved with SAS this past year, as a Junior Class Co-President, and have loved being involved with programming efforts at Scripps. I really wanted to continue my work with programming, but decided I also wanted to collaborate with 5C events, not only Scripps ones,” said rising Vice President of Student Activities, Kaya Mark.

As the student government at Scripps, SAS is a function of individual goals and visions, as each member strategies to improve the College through different platforms.

“We’re really excited to finalize the commencement speaker and finish the great job Kaya Mark has done so far,” said rising Senior Class Co-Presidents Aliza Adler and Helen Thomason.

“We’re most excited to plan Naked Brunch.”

“The first thing I want to do is create a student survey to find out which sustainability initiatives on-campus students are most aware of, which ones they are happiest with, and which issues they think are the most important,” said Ames. “After that I will start working towards making sure information on current initiatives is more open and accessible and form a plan of action around the issues that students believe should be a priority for our campus.”

“I hope to be able to plan an exciting and large event in the fall in collaboration with Scripps CLORGs that engages the entire 5C community,” said Warman.

“I’m really excited and humbled to work with this amazing recently elected board and see what we as a collective will accomplish this upcoming year,” said Peng.