Mia Farago-Iwamasa ‘18

Staff Writer

Outdoor Recycling Bins

Many students, faculty, and staff have expressed complaints about the poor labeling of outdoor recycling bins. Either they look too much like trash cans for anyone to use them appropriately or perhaps people think they just don’t exist. Well this has finally been fixed! It has been three long years, but continuous student effort towards implementing a solution has paid off. Leta Ames (SCR ‘16) made this project her ambition to finish and her work with our supportive Sustainability Committee and Grounds Department have led to an aesthetic solution that we can proudly integrate into our campus. Now when you look around our gorgeous grounds, you should notice that some of our outdoor terracotta bins had bright blue lids that designate them as RECYCLING ONLY! Grounds has even revised their procedures to include blue collection bins to make picking up outdoor recycling easier and more transparent. By making recycling more accessible all around our campus, especially in outdoor areas, the students and staff that worked tirelessly on this project hope to encourage and facilitate sustainable efforts in our entire community.

NEW Hall Environmental Education

Over the winter break, the permanent signs displaying some of the sustainability features of NEW Hall were installed. These new signs that match the building’s aesthetic replace our temporary ones and feature accessible information with pictures and braille translation. Some of the features highlighted are the edible plants and water saving construction of the courtyards and pathways.

Another, more flexible, way NEW Hall is educating its residents and visitors is through the installation of an interactive monitor in the kitchen and recreation room area. This monitor displays real-time energy usage for the building and gives users tips on how they can be more environmentally friendly.

SAS Bylaw Revisions

Scripps Associated Students (SAS) has been tirelessly working to revise its bylaws to make the organization more effective. There have been some very exciting changes proposed and EVERY member of the student body will have the opportunity to vote on the changes once they are finalized. For some students who have been around a while, you may know that last year’s SAS also tried to “restructure,” but did not succeed because not enough students voted. This is why SAS really wants students to be aware of what the changes are so that we can get them passed this year and better serve the student body. Some of the proposed changes are to:

- Restructure the SAS senate around task-oriented committees to identify specific areas of advocacy - for example, student affairs, financial aid, academic affairs, registrar policy, and sustainability

- Make available stipends for students in active CLORG leadership positions

- Center non-SAS student leadership in advocacy discussions by mandating the SAS board engages with campus-wide discussions via the restructured Senate

- Mandate SAS Programming to collaborate with student leaders to program more meaningful events that explicitly center a diverse range of communities at Scripps

As mentioned, the members of SAS are still revising the bylaw changes so if you Have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact SAS: http://sas.


This annual energy reduction competition across the 5Cs and between the Scripps residence halls will take place from February 13th to March 6th. Last year Scripps won the competition! With our prize money we bought a smoothie bike (a blender powered by the pedaling of the bike) that is currently stored in the Green Bike Program’s shed and will be featured at events throughout PowerDown. We also had the honor of accepting the Green Cup

Sustainable Scripps

Some long-awaited campus additions and some things to look forward to for the year. The Cup is proudly presented in the Motley and will go the the college that is this year’s winner in March. PowerDown is also a competition between Scripps residence halls. Previous hall prizes have Included clothes dryers and pizza parties. When we get closer to the start of the challenge, look for our annual pledge to sign and commit to taking specific steps to reduce your energy consumption. A list of environmentally focused events will also be released in early February. Let’s all rally together and win again this year!

If you want more info in the meantime go to:

Green LLC

I have personally been working with students, faculty, and staff to formulate a new Living Learning Community that will be offered next year centered around Environmental Living and Environmental Justice. Residential Life will be releasing descriptions of all housing options later on in the semester and will be accepting applications closer to hall draw. If you enjoy learning more about environmental sustainability and its social impacts while striving to live consciously you should apply!

As always if you have questions, comments, or suggestions for later topics please email me at