By Rhiannon Schaub ‘20

Staff Writer

Upon walking into the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, you will find yourself surrounded by a vibrant array of teapots, bowls, abstract sculptures of chaotic color, and ceramic figures enacting scenes of both whimsy and scandal. Each piece showcases the artists’ virtuosic skill sets and hosts a broad variety of themes, ranging from political to environmental.

This striking exhibition, the 73rd Scripps Ceramic Annual, will be displaying art by nine different artists from January 21st through

April 9th, 2017, and also features an art catalog with an essay by writer Jo Lauria. The gallery is open from 12-5, Wednesday through

Sunday, with free admission.

The theme of this year’s exhibition, ‘A Sense of Place’, has collected pieces that reflect how an artist’s intimate relationship with a certain time and place can yield special meaning. The theme is expressed with subtle elegance, whether grounded in fantastical children’s stories, like The Chinese QuinTeapots by Red Weldon Sandlin, or the history of three generations of war, like the cups of 400 of Thousands by W.A Ehren Tool (all of which will be given away to students, first come first serve, on April 9th).

The annual also provides ample opportu nities to students for creative engagement.

About 40 groups have already come through, many led by art faculty from other colleges but some of which were from fields as diverse as writing-- one class even used the art as a challenge for composing vivid language descriptions.

The 73rd Ceramics Annual is a wonderful display of new art following an old Scripps tradition, and is most definitely worth an af ternoon visit. Additionally, even when there is no exhibition running you can take trip to the gallery basement and visit the permanent collection of post-war ceramics.