Dear Readers of The Scripps Voice,

We, members of the Drop Sodexo Campaign, are writing directly to you to explain what we stand for and the ways in which you are all directly affected.

The students of Scripps have long fought for the policies of this institution to more closely align with the values it touts, specifically with regards to its role in creating a more just society.

As holders of a contract with Sodexo, a corporation that directly profits off of private prisons, the simple fact is that our Institution also profits off these unethical practices. From cheaply purchasing beds made in prisons to cutting corners with regards to the operation of our dining hall, Scripps and Sodexo are partners in saving green with no regard to the human cost. This conflicts with every ideological stance the institution proclaim to defend.

Sodexo is invested in private prisons in Europe and Chile; it is the source of continuous health concerns for those who eat the food it provides; and it is an antagonistic presence in the lives of our dining and residence hall workers. None of this is new information, and various peer institutions have chosen to divest from Sodexo over the course of the past 15 year (including Pomona College). Scripps is in an especially unique situation due to the fact that our dining hall and facilities staff are employed by Scripps and are in no way tied to our contract with Sodexo; to divest from Sodexo should be a simple move towards the “ethical spending practices” we hope to implement, and in no way should make vulnerable any members of the Scripps community. Through a series of targeted actions (rather than a sustained boycott of the dining hall, which puts our workers at risk), we ask Scripps to terminate its contract with Sodexo in favor of services run in-house.

We urge you all to learn more about the ways in which Sodexo operates at our institution during open meetings on Wednesday evenings at 6pm in the Student Union, and how we can send the school - and Sodexo - a message they can’t ignore.

In solidarity,

The Drop Sodexo Campaign