By Priya Canzius ‘20

Staff Writer

On August 29, 2016, the “lead college” of the Claremont Colleges Library transitioned from Claremont Graduate University (CGU) to Pomona.

The role of the lead college is to help “govern the library within the intercollegiate system,” Communications and Programs Coordinator at the Claremont Colleges Library, Margaret Ellsworth said. “[It also] works closely with the Joint Governance Committee on library strategy and with the Claremont University Consortium regarding library administrative support.”

“This is the first change in lead college since the library adopted the lead college agreement in 2012,” Ellsworth said.

The library adopted this model “to provide academic oversight of the library [and] affirm the library’s central role in the scholarly life of the consortium,” according to a consortium-wide email from CGU President Robert Schult and Pomona College President David Oxtoby. Pomona was chosen to be the lead college of the library by mutual decision of the 7C presidents. “President David Oxtoby feels a deep commitment to the library and felt this would be a positive move for all parties,” the A.J. McFadden Dean of the Claremont Colleges Library, Kevin Mulroy said. “The library is delighted to have Pomona as its new lead college.”

The transition of the lead college will not have a major effect on students’ use of the library; the only changes to be made to the library will occur on a “7C administrative level,” according to Ellsworth.

“The library itself is not changing as a result of the new lead college; the name, the building, and the policies are all staying the same,” Ellsworth said.

Thus, the library staff will not change due to this transition and Pomona students will not be favored for working positions. “The Student Worker Program hiring process is not affected by the change in lead college,” Ellsworth said. “Our student employment opportunities are open to students from all seven colleges,” Ashley Riordan, Student Worker Program Coordinator, said.