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Clark Humanities Museum hosts Edward Curtis photo exhibit

One key component of this year’s Core syllabus is the “Edward S. Curtis and ‘The Vanishing Race’: Ethnography, Photography and Absence in The North American Indian” exhibit in the Clark Humanities Museum. The exhibit serves as an on-campus response the to the continuing “Vanishing Indian” myth in American culture that positions Native American people and cultures as exotic figures in a distant past that have no place in contemporary society — a widespread attitude that is used to justify modern-day forms of erasure and violence.

1 in 950: Laura Kent ‘17

Jasmine Russell ‘17 interviews Laura Kent '17 as part of our 1 in 950 series.

The real consequences of burnout

In my first article, I mentioned the fact that there is a culture in college that promotes taking on excessive amounts of stress. Actually, this stressful lifestyle probably starts in high school or even earlier. Obviously, putting that much strain on ourselves for an extended period of time takes a massive toll on our bodies — and I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to this. All we really lose is sleep, right? Wrong. Burnout is real.

Hosting prospective Scripps students

As one of the few women’s colleges situated in a genuine, local consortium, the college has even more at stake in first impressions. The ability to attend such an institution while participating in co-ed activities is a balance most prospective students want to witness firsthand.

The First Year Experience: A just-as-hard-hitting look at the first-year life

As of last week, we have officially been “in college” for an entire month now. I know, I know, hold your applause; we have accomplished the impossible with grace and aplomb. I understand how impressed you are. Since the function of this section is to give an in-depth review of the true first-year experience, it is thus my duty as your friendly neighborhood staff writer to relay to you the top ten things that I have learned during my first four weeks of school.