Scripps Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault Launch student-operated hotline

Scripps College Advocates launches phone line and support for sexual assault survivors on Feb. 15, 2014.

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Mariah Tso '14 and others speak about the lack of an Indigenous / Native American Studies department at the 5Cs and the Decolonizing Education event at Pomona on February 7.  

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On Silence

I love you Scripps, and that’s why I need you to change. There are these things that you keep doing that leave me sad and frustrated. It’s why I spent all night campaigning, flyering, writing, meeting. Because I want to see change. I need to feel hope. 

Felicia Agrelius '17 introduces Classy, Scripps' new advocacy group for working-class students.

Why Scripps College should not invite speakers like Peggy Noonan

Aidan Harley '16 questions the worth and focus of the Elizabeth Hubert Malott Speaker Series, and questions what the series' speakers mean for Scripps College.