Mel Gilcrest (SCR 2019)

Mel Gilcrest has worked with the Voice since their first year at Scripps, spending four semesters as a Design Editor before taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief for the 2017-2018 school year. Mel is an English major, and knows a little too much about the writing of Frankenstein and the erotic letters of Herman Melville. They hope to bring a background of critical race theory and intersectional feminism to their work as Editor-in-Chief, and is focusing their efforts on promoting ethical advocacy journalism at the 5Cs. 









Maureen CoWHEY (SCR 2019) 


Maureen has filled just about every role on the paper since her first year, from a staff writer to the business manager to taking over as Editor in Chief at the end of her sophomore year. If she isn’t out enjoying the sites of Europe on her semester abroad in London, she can be found in a bookstore or pub stalking the Voice from afar. She hopes to merge her strange double major combination of Economics and English in a career in economic journalism. With her extensive background as a news writer and businessperson, she provides the logistics and plans to carry out the ethical and intersectional journalism that the Voice promotes. 


Editorial & Managerial Staff







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Gabrielle Garcia (SCR 2019)

Design Editor

Gabrielle is new to the Voice this 2017-2018 academic year, currently working as one of the design editors. Gabrielle is a Media Studies major in the Digital/Electronic Media track and double minoring in Studio Art and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Outside of the Voice, they are a TA for the Studio Art department, a web developer for Muck Magazine, a member of the editorial board for Our Sound, and an artist whose work has been featured in exhibitions and publications at the 5Cs. In their spare time, they enjoy taking walks with friends, doing graphic design and digital art, occasionally writing poetry, listening to K-Pop, drinking camomile tea, throwing peace signs in photos, and sending gay memes to their friends. Gabrielle also cannot stop talking about being born and raised in Florida, using Pantene shampoo, and the iconic video game series The Legend of Zelda. 

Priya canzius (SCR 2020)

Copy editor

Priya Canzius has spent the majority of her life in the Bay Area, but currently resides in Houston, Texas. She started journalism in her freshman year of high school, and has been involved in it ever since. Although her love of grammar, punctuation, and her loyalty to the Associated Press Stylebook suggest the makings of a future journalist, she plans to double major in Cognitive Science and French, in hopes of one day becoming a high school teacher. When not editing the paper, Priya can be found working various jobs on Scripps’ campus, making horrible puns, and regularly checking the ASPC menu for the best vegetarian dinners at the 5Cs.

Hanna kim (scr 2021)

POC columnist

Hanna Kim is a first year at Scripps from San Francisco, California. She was the op-ed editor for her school newspaper, The Devil’s Advocate for 3 years before coming to Scripps. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends, playing soccer, and finding new music. She hopes to major in Psychology and minor in Spanish, hoping to become a psychiatrist or counselor.




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Rena patel (SCR '19)


Rena is currently a junior majoring in English, minoring in psychology hoping to pursue a career in psychiatry and mental health. An avid activist, she hopes to work in prisons to provide and advocate for competent mental care and rehabilitation in the prison system. When she’s not editing the paper or crying over her lab reports and literary essays, she can be found behind the desk in Denison Library, running to and from her various on and off campus commitments, or blowing off some steam at the local rock climbing gym, Hangar 18. Rena is a massive book nerd and an intense theatre lover and dreams of one day becoming a warrior princess on the island of Themyscira.

Rhiannon Schaub (SCR 2020)

Design Editor

Rhiannon, a design editor and environmental writer for the Voice, is dual majoring in English and Environmental Analysis, possibly with a minor in French. Outside of the newspaper, Rhiannon is also an editor for the Scripps College Journal and works at the Hive. She finds joy in collaging art prints, dancing with the 5C Blues/Swing groups, consuming lots of vegan food, and drinking tea from a mug that says “Succulents are Plantastic”.

Emma Wu Shortt (SCR 2020)

Webmaster & Staff writer

Emma is new to the journalism world, hailing from a background of creative writing, musical study, and visual art. She is very excited to be writing a food column for the Voice and hopes that it proves to be a fun resource for students. As a first year at Scripps College, Emma has interests in psychology, cognitive science, and media studies. She plans to pursue a music minor in piano performance. When not writing or playing music, Emma enjoys painting, listening to “This American Life” podcasts and petting neighborhood cats and dogs.

STAFF Writers & Columnists




janet asante (SCR 2021)

advice columnist

Janet Asante is a first-year from Houston,Texas. She was editor-in-chief of her high school yearbook staff, and enjoys getting to know the voices of students on campus. In addition to print journalism, Janet enjoys spoken word poetry, and won 1st place in the talent show her senior year for her talents. She plans to major in environmental science or legal studies.









Rose gelfand (scr 2021)

reading columnisst

Rose Gelfand is a first year from Richmond, California. She wants to (most likely) dual-major in Sociology and Feminist, Gender, Sexuality Studies. She is super excited to be writing for The Voice, and especially excited to be recommending all her favorite art in Rose's Reading Recs. On her own time, Rose is a       poet and a dancer (come see Groove Nation perform   sometime!) and is passionate about social justice. As a senior in the Oakland School For the Arts Literary Arts emphasis, Rose published her debut multigenre collection To Carve A Person Out. She is the editor and curator of Straight Up: An Intergenerational LGBTQ+Anthology and is currently working on      a new chapbook called in which. Rose also teaches poetry and (not at the same time) to 7-15-year-olds at Camp Winnarainbow. She loves plants, boba, Janelle Monae, and puns!





Business and social media manager

Anna Liss-Roy is currently a second-year at Scripps, pursuing a dual major in Political Science and French. Although her deep passion for her Birkenstocks may disguise her as a native Californian, don’t be fooled- Anna is a proud Bostonian. Anna loves being outside and exploring new places. She enjoys writing, traveling, the occasional trip to the gym, and rocketing around Claremont on her razor scooter. Anna is an avid reader and her to-read list has reached a terrifying length, though she insists she is always looking for new suggestions. Anna hopes to work in international diplomacy and aspires to be a columnist for the New York Times






Luena maillard (SCR 2020)

sex columnist

Luena Maillard is a sophomore who spent most of her life in Ann Arbor, MI. She is new to journalism, although she has been an avid bookworm her whole life. In high school, she was employed by Planned Parenthood as a Peer Health Educator to teach sex ed classes to high school health classes. She is currently working as a PHE here on campus, and is passionate about holistic health and education. She has interests in psychology, cognitive science, and human biology and hopes one day to have a job that helps people.









ittai sopher (pz 2020)

film columnist

As young child growing up in New Jersey, Ittai Sopher was a proud film nerd whose favorite pastime was lying underneath the smokestacks of the Meadowlands and reciting by heart the 1967 classic, The Graduate. Later, Ittai ventured out to California for the razzle-dazzle of Hollywood life. Ittai is an aspiring writer and enjoys writing gritty stories about awkward childhood interactions and religious guilt, one of which was a finalist in the Scripps Art and Writing Contest. In addition, Ittai was a semi-finalist in the 2014 Urban Word Youth slam-poetry competition, one of the most competitive poetry venues in the tri-state area. Through his film columns, Ittai hopes to inspire a love for film and the creative voices that continues to make its mark in cinemas across the country.

Priya THomas (2021)

Staff Writer

Priya Thomas is a first-year from Palo Alto, California. She is considering being an English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She loves books, writing, art, running, dancing, and swimming. 


Lizzie willsmore-finkle (SCR 2020)


Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle is a sophomore at Scripps College originally from Seattle, Washington. She explored her love of creative writing by writing short stories for her high school’s newspaper, and carried that passion over to The Voice, where she writes a serial short story column. A lifelong lover of language, Lizzie is a Cognitive Science major and Spanish minor, and hopes to become a pediatric occupational therapist working with children and families with Autism (and maybe write some short stories on the side too!).