Student Thoughts on Love Your Body Week

"I think that the women who think they have the perfect body type, based on their own opinions and not others' opinions, are the healthiest individuals, in comparison to those who pay more attention to the views of others." -Emma Friedenberg '12 "Love Your Body Week is a positive spin on national eating disorder awareness week, so we focus on the positive side of the issue to gain more involvement from the Scripps community." -Dani Clark '09

"The most important thing about Love Your Body Week is that it makes an explicit statement about Scripps' stance as a supportive, affirming community. A lot of other "positive" messages about bodies are often coupled with things that you still need to do to "improve" your body. Love Your Body Week is a fun, positive chance to celebrate, enjoy and care for your body just the way it is!" -Kendra Hoerst '09

"Dancing ballroom has made me more aware of the way I move, and showed me that I can feel and be sexy without being a certain body type." -Lauren Wann '10

"I'm happy so long as my body is healthy and functioning properly. I believe Love Your Body Week is important for those it will improve the self-esteem of, but for me, it doesn't make too much difference." -Robin Dobashi '09

"Instead of just focusing on eating disorders, which disproportionately affect women, this week-long event aims to galvanize our community around self-love, body politic awareness and creative social activity." -Shelbi Cooley '09