Getting Out and Tuning In: dA gives you a great reason to leave campus once in a blue moon

Admit it: you may not have been a homebody before, but the Claremont Colleges do a great job of turning you into one. With plenty of nighttime activities located all around the five campuses, it's easy to forget that there's a world outside of the "Claremont bubble" for you and your friends to explore. The weekend socials here are exciting, but perhaps you've come to the realization that three consecutive nights plopped on the Motley couches—as comfortable as they are—is pushing it a little. If so, then I have the perfect venue for you.This weekend, I made the trek off-campus to see a special KSPC-sponsored electronic music performance at the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona. With multiple friends in tow, I had an amazing time dancing to three marvelous bands: Fitness, Dak and Healthy Student, all which were handpicked by a KSPC committee headed by Scripps students Nora Bright (‘11) and Alex Eason (‘11). The Claremont presence was definitely felt: not only was it a school-sponsored event, but the majority of the crowd was made up of our fellow students, and Fitness counts Pitzer student Eliot Gardepe (‘10) among its principal members. Even if it was hard to escape the constant reminders of the Claremont Colleges, it was actually relieving to find a group of students who had also felt like leaving campus for a few hours to have some fun. As should be the case with every new crowd one encounters, new friendships were formed and the lesson was learned that it isn't so scary to leave "the bubble" after all. Aside from the incredible music, the dA venue itself is a reason to make the 10-minute trip to Pomona. Situated near the Glass House and surrounded by small record shops and thrift stores, the gallery is owned by a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing the local community together through an appreciation for everything art-related. By hosting a variety of events, from drawing classes and art exhibits to intimate concerts and film screenings, the dA creates an extremely sociable environment that's receptive to people of all ages and backgrounds. This year, the dA partnered with KSPC to host a series of three concerts that brought relatively new, local bands together on the stage to provide quality entertainment at no cost for the audience members. At the same time, those who attended were encouraged to discover the various art displays that had been submitted by artists in the local area. It's this pride in supporting the work of those around you that makes the dA such a wonderful place to visit. So, the next time you grimace at going to yet another dorm party and find yourself longing to get off-campus for a little while, just remember that there are always new and exciting places to discover outside of the Claremont Colleges.