Scripps All-Star Playlist: Karyn Gibson, Class of 2009

The semester is winding down, and summer is approaching fast. Of course, new music is needed! (Not that there's ever a time when new music is not appreciated.) Graduating senior Karyn Gibson chimes in with her playlist. An English major from Vancouver, Wash., Gibson has over 50 gigabytes of music. To put that number in perspective, 25 gigabytes can hold around 5200 songs on a classic iPod. And how does she use this music? "I start the day off with 4-minute songs to time the brewing of my coffee. From there, listening to music goes on for hours. I chose the music on this playlist that I listen to when cleaning my room, hanging out or when I am in a good mood and can rock out to them...with the blinds down." Amazing. So what about a favorite song? "‘Jellybones' by The Unicorns, because it has been involved in a lot of fun in the past three years." And a song that characterizes Scripps? "I'd say ‘Coffee Song' by Ellis, in honor of the Motley." Here are Gibson's songs:

"Kid" by The Bouncing Souls "Grounds for Divorce" by Wolf Parade "Almost Ready" by Dinosaur Jr. "It's 5!" by Architecture in Helsinki "Hi-Fi" by M. Ward "Mushaboom" by Feist "Lump" by The Presidents of the United States of America "Over and Over" by Hot Chip "Tangerine Speedo" by Caviar "Our Retired Explorer" by The Weakerthans