Scripps Store Stocks Spring Merchandise

The Scripps Store, located next to the mailroom and Malott Commons, has several new features for the Scripps and 5C communities. Manager Erin Krikorian ('11) said, "We have a line of Athenas and CMS items now, so it's not exclusive to Scripps students." Also, the store is advancing an eco-friendly product line. Accounting manager Lauren Sims ('09) noted that the Scripps Store currently features aluminum water bottles that are refillable and are free of toxins borne in plastic bottles.  The store also sells shirts made from organic cotton, such as the tree design t-shirt. Of course, the store also sells student necessities: snacks, batteries, stamps, envelopes and much more.


The priority of the Scripps Store is to cater to both Scripps students and alumnae seeking to remember good times in college. As Krikorian explained, "Everything in the store is student-designed; we even have a yearly contest for anyone to create a shirt design, and we sell the winning design in the store."


For those who aren't physically at Scripps but desperately need a new Scripps t-shirt, the Scripps Store now has a webstore, allowing Scripps spirit to be shipped nationwide.


As the year draws to a close, the Scripps Store and its tireless managers and staff continue to plan for the fall. As Krikorian said, "We are currently conducting interviews to hire next year's manager team," and the positions will probably be decided by late Monday, April 20.


As a completely student-run enterprise, the store has nine different managers: two head managers, one sales manager, one accounting manager, one marketing manager, one personnel manager, one purchasing manager, one customer relations manager and one webmaster manager. The store's manager team is very close-knit, meeting once a week to discuss an agenda of upcoming events and necessary duties. In addition to  managers, there are also the indispensable cashiers, who handle day-to-day transactions. For those cashiers who want to become managers, the store facilitates this transition through the Cashier Shadow Program, which allows cashiers to shadow any of the manager positions and learn about how to run a business.


For those of you looking for a job next semester, interested in buying Scripps gear or maybe just in search of a good afternoon snack, drop by the Scripps Store and see what it has to offer!