Beyond the Quadrangle: Life Outside Scripps

Wanted: Pot Critic with Taste and Medical NeedWestword, a weekly “alternative” newspaper in Denver, CO, has drawn national attention by requesting the services of a medical marijuana critic. The goal of the newspaper is to review marijuana dispenseries to determine their safety and legitimacy. Last week, the paper asked for potential critics to send a resume and an essay on “What Marijuana Means To Me.” “Every time an application comes in, it’s like opening a little birthday present,” said Patricia Calhoun, editor of Westword. “Most of them are quite hilarious.” Citizens of Colorado voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2000. FMI:

Sex Theme Park to Open in China Coming in October, China will open its first sex-themed park, called “Love Land.” The park will include a sex exhibition detailing the history and practice of sex throughout the world, anti-AIDS measures and the proper use of condoms. The park will also feature sculptures of the naked human body, enormous replicas of genitalia and an extensive photo gallery. The building of this park has generated an overwhelming amount of discussion. Potential visitors in need of a sex education as well as those refraining from vulgarity have voiced their opinions. Lu Xiaoquing, park manager, hopes the park will encourage Chinese men and women to “enjoy a harmonious sex life.” FMI:

Doctors “Forced” to Allow Suicide Kerrie Wooltorton, age 26, of Norwich, England, died four days after her hospital admission. Wooltorton had swallowed anti-freeze, and she explicitly refused any medical help from doctors. Because of her refusal, doctors allowed the suicidal woman to die. Consultant renal physician Alexander Heaton said, “It’s my duty to follow her wishes. I would have been breaking the law. And I wasn’t worried about her suing me; she was in no state to resist me, and I could have forced treatment on her. But I don’t think it was the right thing to do. I feel it would have been assault.” FMI: