Tiernan Field House Presents Body Fusion Class

Do you find going to the gym a drag because you always do the same machine, or perform the same routine? Do you dread planning out your own workouts? As part of the FitScripps program this semester, the Sallie Tiernan Field House is loaded with Body Fusion classes. The classes fuse all aspects of total fitness—cardio strength and endurance, muscular strength and endurance and even flexibility—so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your workout.

A class that will truly pump up your mind, body and soul, Body Fusion uses indoor and outdoor facilities, weights and all types of exercises. The classes generally mix things up and create a fun, welcoming environment. They even project “funk illusions,” which correspond with the music, onto the wall.

“It’s a blast!” said fitness instructor Rose Kennard. “Pretty much everyone who comes once does come back. We are using all kinds of music that the girls are generating this year.” Kennard hopes the class will grow to at least 35 students this year. “The bigger the class, the more fun it is for everyone,” Kennard said. “It’s about pushing your body to the edge of what it’s capable of doing.” The class’s mission is to give Scripps students the most effective hour-long workout.

The new Body Fusion classes are part of the FitScripps program, which offers weekly classes such as kickboxing, Pilates and yoga. “FitScripps is a great program for Scripps students because it allows them to attend classes without worrying about credit. The classes allow you to come in late, or leave early, depending on your schedule,” said fitness room coordinator Farron Fowler.

The field house also hosts health seminars and specialty classes through its Healthy Lifestyle Programs, where issues such as stress, life balance and health of the mind, body and soul are discussed. Functional Fusion classes, a Lifestyle Program, offer even more ways to boost your overall health. The field house has offered classes such as belly dancing and water aerobics in the past.

“These classes are all about having fun with roommates [and] classmates, furthering your body fitness and having a great experience all at the same time,” said Fowler. Scripps students definitely should take advantage!

Body Fusion classes meet in Room 109 of the field house every Tuesday and Thursday, from 5:45 to 6:45 p.m. Be sure to bring water and a towel, dress in layers and eat a light snack beforehand so that you can fuse to the max!