Motley to Charge Additional Fee for To-Go Cups

Beginning Oct. 21, the Motley will begin charging a $1 fee for customers purchasing to-go cups. This policy change aligns with the Motley’s overall goal for the semester: revitalizing its influence by enhancing the space and spirit of the coffeehouse. The policy change also aligns with the Motley’s goal of promoting environmental and socially-conscious practices. When to-go cups are left to rot in landfills, the planet bears its negative effects. By translating the cost of damaging the Earth into a small monetary cost, the Motley hopes to convey concern for the planet’s future and foster lifelong sustainable habits and awareness among customers.

Motley customers can still receive a discount by bringing in their own cups. All drink prices were lowered by 20 cents, so the discount is factored into the base prices.

The Motley is a non-profit coffeehouse committed to giving back to the community; as such, it financially sponsors individuals and groups to pursue various projects. The Motley is now expanding this program by contributing 100 percent of profits from to-go cups to sponsorships.

If you cannot afford to buy your own reusable mug, you can fill out a sponsorship form to receive a free corn mug. These forms are located on the wall above the bench in the servery.

Although the Motley’s to-go cups are biodegradable, their impact on the Earth depend completely upon how they are disposed. When cups are tossed in garbage cans, they end up in landfills, which do not facilitate decomposition. For the cups to biodegrade, oxygen and moisture must be present. The Motley encourages customers to compost cups, but less than 5 percent of cups used actually end up in a compost. Additionally, a single-use to-go cup requires a significant amount of energy and resources for its production, transportation and packaging. With its new policy, the Motley aims to promote the message of the compostable cup as a bandage covering up a much larger problem.

Next time you visit the Motley, bring your own mug and encourage others to do the same. The Motley will be holding a public forum to present the reasoning behind its policy change and get feedback from the community. For more information on the Motley’s new policy, or to voice your comments, concerns or reactions, email the managers at