Scripps Parties are Back: Kicking it off with Young Money

Many students noticed the big metal fences being set up around the humanities building on Sept. 25. What they may not have known was that these fences marked the first SAS event of the year: Young Money. The last Friday of September marked the beginning of a series of events that SAS is hosting this academic year. Rachael Ballard (‘11), SAS’s 5C events chair, took it upon herself to make the first SAS event of the semester a great one. Young Money was advertised across the 5C’s. Posters for the event—many of which had been made into the shape of huge dollar signs—dominated the walls of Harvey Mudd and Scripps. Many Scripps students were surprised to recognize Priscilla Bassett (‘12) as the posters’ model. Young Money was hosted DJ S/O. The disc jockey was just one part of the event that got rave reviews. Many Scripps students were proud to have had such a great event thrown by SAS. Jasmine Edo (’12) said, “DJ S/O was a great DJ for the event. He actually let us rain fake money from the second floor of [the humanities building].”

The second floor of the building was originally planned to be a VIP area, but during the event it was closed to everyone except DJ S/O. Said Bassett, “The location was great because the humanities courtyard felt like a real club. But with trees. It was outdoors, but at the same time it felt very indoors because of the great lighting and the incredible amount of people. There were even people dancing on the benches in the courtyard.”

SAS is hard at work planning the next great Scripps event: EuroTrash. If you missed out on Young Money, make sure you don’t miss EuroTrash, happening in the Scripps parking garage Oct. 24, following the 5C Music Fest. The 5C Music Fest will take place at CMC and include various musical groups from both on- and off-campus. Featured will be The Cool Kids, an alternative hip-hop group from the Midwest.