Beyond the Quadrangle: Life Outside Scripps

A Heart-to-Heart with Elizabeth Wurtzel, Author of ‘Prozac Nation’Elizabeth Wurtzel was one of the first people to go on Prozac in order to treat her depression. Her book, “Prozac Nation,” is a memoir about her life on the drug. Wurtzel said the book was originally going to be titled “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die,” but her editor chose the title “Prozac Nation.” Wurtzel noted her thoughts before the book came out, “Is this ever going to mean something? Is this ever going to be more than my stupid, miserable chemicals making me crazy?” Now it’s been rumored that Wurtzel’s book is being considered for a movie. FMI:

Whale Penis – The Latest in Luxury Cars The Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition is the only armored car on the market whose “bling” includes seats upholstered in “whale-penis leather.” The Prombron is priced at a little over $1.5 million and includes derrière warming seats, Kevlar coating, white gold gauges, badges encrusted in gold, diamonds and rubies, gold-plated bulletproof windows and three bottles of the world’s most expensive vodka. Advertisements of the Prombron encourage potential buyers to “Drive Fast!” and “Drive Proud!” The armored car will be released at the Top Marques Monaco, a car show, in April 2010. FMI:

Painting Features ‘Oldest Watch’ A 450-year-old portrait thought to be of Cosimo I de Medici, Duke of Florence, holding a golden timepiece, is being shown as part of the British Science Museum’s Measuring Time gallery. The Measuring Time gallery follows the history of timekeeping and has one of the largest collections of clocks in Britain. Historians think that watches first appeared in Germany in 1500. Horologists believe the painting, created by Maso da San Friano around 1560, may be the oldest painting to show a true watch. Science Museum curator Rob Skitmore sent his findings to Renaissance experts at the Uffizi gallery in Florence and is awaiting their comments.