New Student Union Space Open and Needs Decorating

By Ashli Duncan '11Opinions & Editorials Editor

Scripps Associated Students (SAS) opened the new Student Union on October 3rd, when excited students came to see the new and improved space. Stacks of pizza and cake filled the Union, now located where SARLO used to be on the second floor of the Malott Commons. With the addition of the new Student Union, SAS hopes to help build community on campus. Students can access the Student Union 24 hours a day by swiping their Scripps student I.D. card. Students have access to computers, butcher paper, markers, pens and the screen press for free. There are three conference rooms, with one boasting a TV for private showings. CLORGs can sign up to utilize the space for meetings—5C Clubs are welcome as well.

The Student Union needs students to make their mark on it soon. "The Student Union has a lot of potential, but it's empty right now. If everyone made some sort of decoration or contributed something it would look really good," said Sara Cronin (’12). Any photos from CLORG events are welcome as they can be blown up and displayed.

There are few places on campus where the students have control over how the space is decorated. The Student Union needs to be defined by the student. “We want your art in the Student Union,” said India Mullady ‘11, SAS President. The artwork is not to beautify the Student Union but to help make it meaningful to the students. Although SAS is waiting on a few things such as a printer, another couch and few white boards, they wanted to provide this space for Scripps students as soon as feasibly possible. The Student Union is specifically for students; even faculty members are not allowed to enter without a student accompanying them. But for now the Student Union is only a space that has some great wicker rocking chairs, a few tables and rolling chairs. “Once the space has character I’ll study there, but for now it reminds me too much of the library.” said Bre’Anca Sanders (’11).

Some students question if the Student Union is necessary. “It’s an odd space with the Motley right there. And the Motley has music and food,” said Alyssa Mello (’12). With 80% of students asking for the Student Union in a survey it seems like the Motley isn’t serving all the needs of the student body. Yet the bare walls and silence aren’t exactly a draw for students. It is up to the student to change the space, hold study session in one of the conference rooms, or create a poster for an event or screen press a t-shirt. The community that everyone at Scripps craves is possible with the new Student Union.