Dear Lucy Column

By Lucy Driscoll '13Staff Writer

Dear Lucy, I am having trouble finding a boy that wants more than just a hook-up. I don’t understand why they all disappear from my life during the week or even in the light of day. What is wrong with me? - Confused in Claremont Confused in Claremont, I have to ask, where are you meeting these boys? If it is at parties on the weekends, I have to say it is not a huge surprise that they are treating you like this. Try meeting boys in class or during the day, this will foster a much better connection than drunkenly at a party. Don’t get down on yourself because of this, college is a hard time for a steady relationship and many people are just not interested in having that kind of responsibility at this point. Their behavior is most likely not specific to you, I’m sure things will turn around for you if you stop worrying about finding someone to date and just focus on meeting nice people.



Dear Lucy, This year has been a rough transition for high school to college. I really like my school and I have some good friends, but the party scene makes me uncomfortable. How do I deal with this? - Sober Sally

Sober Sally, first of all, do not feel bad for not wanting to participate in drinking or other recreational activities. Have you talked about feeling this way with your friends? Perhaps they feel the same way or will at least make an effort to include you in other activities. There are always sober events going on around campus as well, check out the field house for fun activities, also feel free to create some events! What about a game night, or movie marathon? Remember also, just because you aren’t going to indulge on whatever substance, doesn’t mean you’re not invited to the party!


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