Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Intramural Sports See New Wave of Enthusiasm

By Alexandra Talleur ‘12Staff Writer

As a recent transfer student from the University of Oregon, I am still coming down off the sports induced high of my two years with the Ducks. Never the biggest sports fan in high school, I learned to love the freezing football games and much too steamy basketball games, all in the name of school spirit. If any of you are unfamiliar with Puddles, the U of O’s official mascot, I knew him uncomfortably well after being crushed by him several times as he crowd-surfed over me and a sea of wild students. It was there I learned the feeling of being drunk, not just on the usual substances, but the idea – no, feeling – that we were in a collective effort to prevail.

Of course, none of us in the stands could claim the blood, sweat and tears the players gave to their game, but the feeling of unity existed nonetheless. Sometimes in sports it becomes more about the fans than the team, creating disharmony between the closest of friends over rivalries that seem to some mere trivialities – the greatest evidence of this being the current fight for the Superbowl. While I am all for a healthy sense of team pride and competition, the same emotions can be evoked in all of us on the field in intramural sports.

There is no reason other than laziness, which we may all happily claim, why we must sit in the stands and lament our lack of natural ability or physical prowess, all while cheering on our star players. Intramural sports provide each of us our own opportunity to get involved. Such action with our own bodies as well as that with a team of peers will no doubt foster a sense of unity more concrete than the camaraderie of fellow fans cheering on athletes they will most likely never meet.

The fact that the Claremont Colleges are both individually and collectively small schools should not exclude us from creating our own definition of a sporty atmosphere. True, we have our CMS versus Pomona-Pitzer rivalry, but perhaps our time would equally well-spent forming small-scale teams to ignite our campuses with more inclusive rivalries. We are no doubt on top of our academic game, but across the board, heading for the fields instead of the classroom is a healthy way to relieve stress and meet people.

“Intramurals are for the students. It’s whatever they want to make of it, I’m always open to hearing what the students want to do,” says Adam Pruett, Director of Recreational Sports at CMS.

Here at the 5Cs we have the opportunity through intramurals to create our own teams, our own rivalries, and our own school pride – for something other than smarts. For more information see, or find the CMS Athletics page on Facebook to set up a personal athlete profile – it’s an easy way to find and sign up for any sports that may interest you!

Upcoming Season Intramural Teams

Badminton: Mixed Doubles (one team) Men’s Doubles (three teams) Women’s Doubles (zero teams)

Basketball: Co-Rec Competitive (two teams) Co-Rec Recreational (seven teams) Men’s Competitive (12 teams)

Floor Hockey: Co-Rec Recreational (five teams) Men’s Recreational (zero teams)

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