Beyond the Quadrangle

By Lauren Prince ‘14News Editor

Indiana Mayor Rejected for an Inappropriate Sounding Name An Indiana mayor from the 1930s will not have his name on a government building.

Despite Harry Baals’s long tenure and contributions to Fort Wayne, roughly 120 miles northeast of Indianapolis, he will not receive nominal recognition.

There has been controversy over the pronunciation of his name. He referred to himself as “balls,” but has since been called “bales.”

Although he has received three times more votes than the other contenders, Baals has been taken out the running for the building dedication because of his name. Baals’s great-nephew is disappointed that his great-uncle will not be commemorated for his achievements.


Drug Traffickers Use Catapults to Smuggle Drugs into the U.S. Despite the efforts of the United States border patrol and NACo, drug traffickers are using new strategies to transport drugs.

They are using 3-meter catapults to launch 4.5-pound packets of marijuana across the border.

The United States National Guard witnessed the preparation and launch of packages over the fenced border, however they were not caught.

Two catapults were discovered near the Mexican-United States border, and 35 pounds of marijuana was confiscated from the vehicle holding the catapult.

Other strategies traffickers have implored to smuggle drugs include airplanes, tunnels and submarines.


Justin Bieber Fans Outraged About Grammy Award Recipients After Esperanza Spalding won Best New Artist over Justin Bieber at the Grammy Awards, an internet controversy was born.

Spalding’s Wikipedia page was defaced by Bieber fans, who wrote inappropriate and rude comments about their frustration.

Comments included, “Justin Bieber deserved [the Grammy]. Go die in a hole. Who the heck are you anyway?” and “She was the Best New Artist Grammy Award by stealing it from Justin Bieber.”

This is not the first time people have used Wikipedia as an outlet for criticism.

Arcade Fire also received negative comments from Bieber fans after they received Album of the Year.