SAS Space...

By India Mullady '11SAS President

SAS is excited to offer online voting for the 2011 elections. We hope that a shift to online voting will boost voter turnout, reduce paper waste and generally make the process more efficient.  But, being SAS, we are perhaps more excited, by the prospect of seeing who will step up and run for the many positions available.

Last snack I had someone ask me if sophomores are too young to run.  Too young?!  Of course not!  We welcome all ages, majors and experiences.  Seriously. If you are passionate, we want you.

SAS is a terrific way to get involved with trustees, faculty, staff and students not only on the Scripps campus but also across the colleges.

There are positions to be had in many areas, so if you have a passion, then try getting involved with it through SAS. Wondering which position to choose?  Shoot any sassy friend an email and she will respond. There are Programming Branch Positions available for a variety of different groups. Or you can join the Executive Branch and serve on committees in areas like PR, Diversity Coordinating, Sustainability, Judicial and Academic Review and Facilities Planning.

In addition to these programming and committee positions (of which there are over 20), applications will be available for the proctor position and for a position on the Board of Trustees.

Not to pressure you too much, but a position on the Board of Trustees offers some enticing perks: you meet only four times a year and just might get to be a serious supporter of students and student interests. We have some incredible alumnae on the Board of Trustees, too. Being on the board is a great opportunity to learn and network.  Did you know we have a writer for the L.A. Times?  An international philanthropist?  The president of an art museum?  A finance executive?  All of whom WANT to interact with students. Plus, a group of eight of us just returned from this year’s Board Retreat in Palm Desert. Talk about combining business and pleasure!

Being involved in SAS is a terrific experience. You are surrounded by people who care about Scripps.

And Scripps is on an upward trajectory.  I predict that in 10 years, the words “I go to Scripps” will be greeted not with looks of confusion but rather with impressed admiration. But we need strong student leaders to facilitate this charge!

We at SAS look forward to receiving your Statements of Intent  and applications. Stay tuned for email updates, and come to the speech night on Tuesday (March 29, 9 p.m.) I’d like to re-emphasize that SAS is always open to your questions.  If you don’t know who to ask (or even what to ask), email me. I can help point you in the right direction!