SAS Space...

By India Mullady '11SAS President

The last letter:

There are so many things I want to say in my last letter as Student Body President. Unfortunately, I am writing this as an exam, a luncheon, a class, a search committee meeting, a tour and a kickboxing class are all around the corner. Scripps has simply become my life. Every morning I slog out of bed—I can assure you it is not graceful—with one goal: to make the most out of my time here by making the experience better for others. I hope you have enjoyed some of SAS’s initiatives this year: the student union, BeHeard surveys, online voting, mock hall draw, the food committee and so much more. We look forward to bringing you more snacks, a different reimbursement system, the Professor of the Year Party and the Scripps Bazaar Sale—not to mention all seniors must be looking forward to SC Senior Brunch (SC standing for scantily clad of course). This wasn’t just me making these initiatives: this was all of SAS and all of YOU bonding together to get things done. We are the movers and shakers of this school. I had an amazing team this year and you were all amazing students. Trust me: you are powerful here and your voice does matter. Scripps is a magical place. For all its faults, it still has so much to offer. I think it is easy to become bogged down in all the things that need to change. But I beg you to take a minute and think about all the wonderful things about Scripps. Take a minute to thank someone. Take a minute to write a note, give a hug or put some candy on your RA’s table.

My advice to you who are continuing on at Scripps, if I am at all qualified to give advice, is this: don’t waste a day. Don’t sit in front of your computer watching hulu when you could be on the lawn with friends. Don’t send your time hiding in a remote corner of your room when you could be studying in Denison. Don’t text one friend when you can throw open your door and include the entire hall. Take advantage of what we have here, and build the rest. Trust that the staff of Scripps will work with you to build a better campus. You may have to say your opinion strongly, but collaboration is the only way to reach your goals here. Thank you for letting me serve you as your SAS President. I hope I kept it sassy and fresh. I will miss you, Scripps, but I know I am leaving the place in good hands!

Stay Sassy,