Scripps Style

Our last article on Scripps’s stylish women was a hit! We’ve decided to keep up the good work by featuring one of your fashionable classmates in each issue.

Chelsea Carlson, 18 First-year Helena, MT

Have you always been conscious of fashion/how you dress?

I’ve been rocking some variation of hats, bows and dresses since a very young age. There was a rough patch in middle school (yikes!) but I would say I’ve pretty much always been very interested in developing personal style and observing the larger world of fashion.

Have you changed your style since you came to college?

I have been embracing sun hats, floral prints and peep toes lately, but I think that’s mostly because of this lovely weather! Montana has a bit more intense climate, so mostly I’ve been glad to leave the not-so-glamorous bulky layering behind.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Alexis Mabille, Scripps gardens, Mad Men, Jackie O, California, old advertising, Pushing Daisies and Carey Mulligan... need I say more?

What is your spring 2011 staple?

Big sun hats, bright lips and my yellow cruiser bike.

What is your favorite item of clothing in your closet?

I’m quite certain I can’t pick a favorite, but I do love a little cropped printed silk jacket I have. It has the most beautiful subtle pattern on it and goes perfectly with probably half my wardrobe!

What is your favorite accessory?

A thrifted pair of golden bow earrings with hanging mirrors. Not only do they add awesome to almost any outfit, I also like watching narcissistic people (okay, pretty much everyone) try to check their reflection in the tiny mirrors!

Which trends do you like/dislike this year?

I can’t say I’m a fan of this not wearing real pants business; jeggings are not one of those “best of both worlds” situations people...

Where do you like to shop?

Pretty much everywhere. I’ve found that some of the greatest things come from unexpected places. I especially love vintage, so raiding your grandma’s closet can be an excellent shopping trip. I also love to shop while traveling, which is great since I love having unique items with a story mixed together with more basic department store fare.

Have you had to alter your style to the Claremont climate?

I’ve been inspired by the climate—being able to wear a dress every day of the year is amazing!