Munchies? Want a Movie, Cheap? ProfessorDibs Can Hook You Up

By Meredith Kertzman ’13Copy Editor

On April 1, students and alumni of the Claremont Colleges launched the start-up company ProfessorDibs. It is based on the idea of a daily coupon—such as Living Social or Groupon—but is exclusive to students and professors of the 5Cs.

Mike Goldberg (PZ ’10) came up with the idea two years ago. However, as a member and captain of the Pomona-Pitzer baseball team, he was not able to focus his energy on ProfessorDibs until after graduation. He was joined by Briana Lassig (PZ ’10) as well as other 5C students and alumni.

Larger websites, such as Groupon, have a greater variety of deals which causes the deals to be very hit-or-miss. Since deals on ProfessorDibs are personalized for Claremont, they are more likely to be “things Claremont students actually want and need: movie tickets, frozen yogurt, awesome restaurants, drinks and more,” said Lassig.

“What’s important for students to realize is that we’ve been there,” Lassig said. “We know college students have a million things to worry about but money shouldn’t be one of them. Claremont is a college town, so that means students are as important to retailers as retailers are to students. So why not work together?”Another thing that sets ProfessorDibs apart from its competition is the close connection it has to the 5Cs and the greater Claremont community. Each week The Professor offers a “Give Dib” in which a percentage of the earnings go to various community or school groups. This allows Claremont students to save money while helping their community.

The coupons are usually about 50 percent off retail prices. To check out the daily dibs for yourself, go to