Senior Spotlights

Quick conversations with Scripps seniors as they prepare to say their goodbyes to Scripps and embark on new journeys

Hannah Pickar, 21 Orinda, California

Major: Psychology.

Thesis topic: “Eating Attitudes, Body Image Dissatisfaction and Health-Related Concerns in

Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.”

Plans after graduation: Working for the Danish Institute of Study Abroad program in Copenhagen, Denmark for 13 months. I studied abroad there Spring 2010, and the program hires former students to be the program assistant! I’m pumped!

What are you going to miss most about Scripps? Ridiculously beautiful sunsets, warm cookies at 6 p.m., texting my friends “Meet at The Corner in 5 minutes for lunch/dinner,” the most supportive, engaging professors in the world, late night trips to Yogurtland, a cappella concerts, a community of women I trust and love, chocolate chip challah, stumbling upon random courtyards.

What are you going to miss least about college? Lack of public transportation. I always want to go do cool things but never have a way to get there!

Feelings about graduation: No, no, no. Don’t make me leave!

Most important thing you learned in college: “If you have a preference, voice it. If you have a question, ask it. If you want to cry, bawl. If you need help, raise your hand and jump up and down!” - Kristin Armstrong.

Kaye Sklar, 22 Portland, Oregon

Major: Philosophy.

Thesis topic: Political Theory, specifically, examining when secession is justified in accordance

with liberalism.

Plans after graduation: I will be undertaking a Fulbright research project in Slovenia.

Favorite memory of your time at Scripps: Too hard to choose! I would have to say doing Tarot late at night before Blues dancing with my friends last year, while drinking champagne. That would definitely be up there in the “best moments” category.

What will you miss most about Scripps? I will miss my friends who are currently Juniors and studying abroad, who I will never be able to hang out with in the same way again.

What will you miss least about being in college? The food. By far the food. I know lots of people think that it’s great, but I’m looking forward to cooking for myself after graduation!

Feelings about graduation: In denial.

Most important thing you learned in college: Boundaries  are there to be pushed!

How it feels to be a third-year senior: Glorious. I’m very sad to be leaving some of my best friends who are juniors, but overall, I’m pleased with my choice. Thankfully I don’t have to go to the “real world” right away since I’m doing Fulbright, and I’m ready to be around people who aren’t just ages 18-22. Also, I took a gap year before coming to Scripps, so it has been four years since I graduated from high school. It feels like it’s time to go.

Lindsey Cook, 21 Concord, California

Major: Theatre with an emphasis in Dramaturgy.

Thesis Topic: That’s a complicated question… I worked on Pomona’s Marat/Sade last semester as production dramaturg and assistant director for my senior project, something all theatre majors have to do. This work framed my written thesis, “Weaving the Dramaturgical Tapestry: Definitions, Histories, and Personal Reflections,” an exploration of dramaturgy in history, practice, theory, and my own experience.

Plans for after graduation: Not sure yet! But I’ll be going back to the Bay Area and pursuing a career in the theatre. Hopefully I’ll be able to direct some shows in the future… I’d like to support/produce low cost, high quality, locally relevant theatre. It should be an adventure!

What is your favorite memory of your time at Scripps? I don’t know if I have one favorite

moment… taking a few hours to explore all the dorm basements with a friend? Jumping in every fountain at Scripps in one day? Realizing I was a feminist in my American Women Poets class? No! It was definitely the Queer-Faith ally training I helped plan and lead with Family and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I learned so much, saw so much growth within two groups I support but that don’t always get along, and made some AMAZING friends. So powerful.

What you are going to miss most about Scripps? The people. I have been so challenged, inspired, blessed, and nurtured by the professors, staff, and classmates I have had at Scripps and the 5Cs.

What are you going to miss least about college? Loud parties and thin walls.

Feelings about graduation: I can’t wait! I always get emotional at ceremonies like graduations, but at the same time I love that feeling of just being in the moment: celebrating all the accomplishments, all- nighters, core classes, friends made and lost, my first F, and my most triumphant A!

Most important thing you learned in college: I learned what it means to be authentic. I came to college with a lot of walls up, and by the grace of God and my friends, I have learned how to start breaking down those walls and be really proud of who I am, without all the bells and whistles (and with them too!). That sounds cliché, but it’s totally true.

Lia Seth, 22 Palo Alto, California

Major: Politics & International Relations

Thesis topic: The title is “Undercounted: A Study of the United States Census in ‘Hard to Count’ Areas Along the Gulf Coast.” The short version is basically that due to two main factors (a racial/ethnic and therefore a cultural divide and general distrust of anything related to the government), there is a differential undercount along the Gulf Coast, which means that minority groups are being undercounted more than others. My thesis talks about the political implications of this trend. That’s all REALLY simplified, though. Feel free to ask me more specific questions about this; I could talk about it forever.

Plans for after graduation: I’m still waiting to hear back from some places, but I want to get into some kind of business/management training program in San Francisco.

What is your favorite memory of your time at Scripps? I really just have to pick one? It’s all the spontaneous moments put together: Calling a friend on a lazy Friday early in our first semester and having a day-long photoshoot that would become tradition for us. Working on thesis in a browsing room and suddenly getting a craving for fruit salad...then driving to Von’s in the middle of the night to buy some. Grabbing a late night snack at Jay’s Place after a party and talking to random people. Blowing bubbles on the quad during finals week after being done. The random late-night chats that happen when I leave my door open and people stop by. It’s all of that together.

What you are going to miss most about Scripps? I recognize that I will more than likely never be in a situation where I live in the same building as all my friends and seeing them is as easy as wandering down the hall barefoot.

What are you going to miss least about college? Honestly? The “men,” if we can call them that (we can’t).

Feelings about graduation: It’s a really awkward situation because everyone’s families are here but all the seniors just want to spend as much time as possible with their friends before we’re all separated.

Most important thing you learned in college: Before college, I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence. I don’t know what triggered it, but sometime in the last 4 years I’ve reached the point where I look at myself in the mirror and see a beautiful, intelligent woman. I don’t see the little flaws anymore because I know they don’t matter.