Beyond the Quadrangle

By Lauren Prince '14, Editor in Chief

Instead of bringing the same news to you that you can read about every day, we thought we’d share with you snapshots of out-of-the-ordinary, weird, cool and just plain wacky stories you wouldn’t necessarily read otherwise.

Between 400 and 700 protesters were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge on Oct. 1, after police had issued multiple requests to stay on the pedestrian walkway and not obstruct the street. Accusations of unnecessary police violence have been leveled, and many from the National Lawyers Guild have offered legal assistance on behalf of the protesters. –

The letter “T” is disappearing from signs and buildings all over the Georgia Tech campus this year. This long- standing college prank is costing the school more than $100,000 in repairs. Georgia Tech is starting an amnesty policy; by promising not to punish students, they hope to retrieve their T’s. -

To help pay for their wedding, a desperate couple in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, stole copper wire from 18 utility poles. They owed $1000 on their venue reservation, and had had the reservation closed on them. The couple ended up getting $18 for the copper. It cost $400 to repair the poles.–

The Dead Sea Scrolls have gone digital. Google and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem worked together to launch a website allowing people to view the scrolls in detail. Not only can visitors see the scrolls, they can also translate the Hebrew text into English. If you wish to see the digitized Dead Sea Scrolls, please go to–