Scripps Style Makes a Comeback: Meridith Burchiel

By Ishmam Rahman ’14, Contributing Writer Ishmam Rahman: How would you describe your personal style and things that you incor- porate into it every day?

Meridith Burchiel: I usually choose clothes that I think are pretty, interesting and comfortable. I love animals and animal prints so I have a lot of wildlife clothing and accessories. I wear colorful stuff sometimes, but it’s usually more neutral toned. I wear my calculator watch, earring, rings, and bracelets every day. Each of them has their own mini-story.

IR: What sorts of stories?

MB: All of [my accessories] are personal to me in some way.

I wear a watch every day. This summer I broke my normal watch [during the first week at summer camp]. So I had to run to Buymart and buy myself a watch. [Calculator watches were] all they had.

As for the bracelets, they each have a story. Two are from India and Turkey. One is an Adidas balance band. The one with the Jewish symbol for the Hand of Rebecca is from my mother, and the campers at my summer camp made the rest. The rabbi at camp made one for me too.

One of my rings is a sunshine ring and the other one is from Israel.

The one earring that I wear belongs to my mom; she wears the other one from the pair. She’s had them since she was in second grade. My mom tells me that a girl gave her the earrings but I’m pretty sure she and a bunch of other second graders stole them.

IR: Where do you normally shop?

MB: I buy most of my clothes from thrift stores like Goodwill and American Thrift. I also buy some things at Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, but I try to always keep it affordable. I have a lot of altered clothes [from thrift stores]. I am a big advocate of clothing alteration. I normally cut high necklines off and I don’t think I own a pair of shorts that aren’t cutoffs.

IR: What are you majoring in, and does that influence your personal style?

MB: I’m majoring in studio art and minoring in Spanish. I don’t think [being an art major] influences my style. Art has always been a part of me. I have always been a lover of art so [my passion for art and my style have] pretty much developed together from very early on in my life.

IR: What are your thoughts on fashion at Scripps?

MB: Certain scenes and individuals at Scripps inspire me. [I’m inspired when I see people who] are confident in themselves. I would like to see people taking more risks with what they wear. I don’t like it when it’s just like, this is what the fashion industry is telling me to wear so I’m going to go buy it.

People [should] feel comfortable in what they’re wearing. When people say, I could never pull that off, I feel like that’s not true. Anybody can pull something off if they are comfortable in it and genuinely like what they are wearing. Nobody should wear something just because it’s trendy. Wear clothes that make you feel pretty, confident and fun. If you’re in a bright fun mood, then wear something crazy and fun. Most people won’t remember exactly what you wore by tomorrow [anyway]. So just have fun with it!