Welcome Parents!

By Hannah Long '15, Contributing Writer

This weekend, over 300 parents and relatives of Scripps students are arriving on campus for Parents’ Weekend. An annual tradition, this event gives families the opportunity to explore life at Scripps and learn more about what the College offers its students.

Planning for Parents’ Weekend begins at the beginning of the school year, with Scripps staff members sending invitations, scheduling events, booking speakers and dealing with catering and other logistics. Lindsey Walton, who is in charge of planning the weekend, said, “It’s a huge job to prepare campus for this type of event. There is always a flurry of activity as the events draw closer.” The main goal for staff members, said Walton, is to “make parents feel welcome.”

This welcome begins with a speech by President Lori Bettison-Varga on Saturday morning. From there, the weekend is packed with events like campus tours, faculty lectures and a discussion with the College’s deans. These events are planned, said Walton, to show parents “as much of Scripps’ academics and student life as possible.” Each evening, parents have the opportunity to enjoy performances by various campus clubs, including a show by the 5C improv group Without a Box and a sing-off hosted by the a cappella groups of the Claremont Colleges.

On Monday, students are invited to bring their parents to classes with them, giving parents a chance to meet some professors and get a feel for the College’s academic program. Said Moriah Lerner (’15), whose parents are coming for the weekend from Orange County, “My mom, an aerospace engineer, is so excited to come to Chemistry lecture with me.”

Monday is also the perfect time for stu- dents to give their families a personalized tour of the campus. Students have a chance to show their parents their dorms, Malott and the other dining halls, Seal Court and the (currently pruned) rose garden. “I can’t wait to show my aunt and uncle [from Philadelphia] how pretty it is here,” said Sacha Langer (’15). “They’ve haven’t seen Scripps yet, and they really want to see all my favorite parts of campus.”

Parents’ Weekend provides families with an excellent opportunity to catch up and have a mini reunion. Many parents and other relatives come from the east coast, and Parents’ Weekend may be their first opportunity to see the campus where their young family member goes to school. Visiting siblings will also get a chance to learn more about college life. Lerner, whose sister is a freshman in high school, said, “I can’t wait to show my sister around the campus. She is so excited to learn more about what it is like to be in college, and I’m hoping that she’ll want to come to Scripps, too.”

Walton said that the weekend is always a success, citing surveys given to parents in the past that have reflected “a joy from having experienced their daughter’s cam- pus life.” Looking ahead to this weekend, Walton expressed her excitement: “I hope that parents are able to experience a bit of their daughter’s education and come away from the experience with a newfound appreciation for the College and the community.”