SAS Elections!

By Francesca Simmons, SAS Media Relations Chair Hey Scripps! It’s the last SAS update from the 2011-2012 session of SAS! Positions on SAS will be transitioning out following this Spring’s elections, and hopefully some of you will be joining us in this transition! Speaking of elections, they are coming up this week. Statements of Intent will be posted in Seal Court and the Student Union, so that the Scripps community can be informed of all of the wonderful candidates (in case you haven’t been on Facebook lately…). Candidates, please be respectful of all of the voting rules and your competitors! Voting will take place from March 28 at 6 p.m. to March 29 at 11:59 p.m. Voting will be done electronically this semester, so please make sure to opt in! It is a really simple procedure that takes, maximum, 30 seconds. You opt in by logging on to the academic portal, clicking the “student” tab, and then selecting the “Opt-In Control” link on the left side of the screen. Please make sure that you do so if you want to vote (which you do!!). Before voting takes place, make sure that you hear the candidates speak about why they should be elected to SAS. Speeches will be held on March 27 at 9:30 p.m. in the Student Union. Come listen to the candidates give a short 2-minute speech about their candidacy! If not for the speeches on Tuesday night, make sure to stop by the Student Union to check out the renovation in progress! We got the place painted over Spring Break with lots of bright, inviting colors. We also have some chalk board walls to write announcements, draw art or make silly (but appropriate!) notes. The painting of the Student Union was the initial action in the renovation of the Student Union, and one that we felt would be certainly most noticeable. SAS is continuing the progress of the renovation with looking into new furniture, student art work, activities and supplies. If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions regarding the renovation of the Student Union, please contact the Student Union Chair at In regards to the Student Union, SAS wants to help develop it into a welcoming and comforting space for all Scripps students. We want it to be a resource for club meetings, school events, study time and just a central location for the Scripps student community to connect and gather in a fun and inviting way. We hope to do this with comforting and modern furniture, art supplies, and anything that students feel they need and cannot get from their dorms. We have great hopes for the Student Union, and can’t wait to see how SAS works with you to help it develop into a great resource. Thanks so much for hanging with me this year Scripps! I’ve loved being able to educate you about all of SAS’s shenanigans this past year. Please don’t forget to vote this week--winners will be announced on March 30th at noon! Good luck to all of the candidates, especially to those running for Media Relations Chair! It’s a blast. Keep it SASsy, Scripps; it’s been a pleasure.