Alumnae Make an Appearance at the Annual Scholarship Luncheon

By Hannah Long '15, Staff Writer

Alumnae from around the area will soon be returning to Scripps—along with other scholarship donors—for the upcoming Scholarship Luncheon, an event that serves to thank the many generous donors who contribute to a variety of scholarships for Scripps students. The luncheon, held this Friday, will be catered by Scripps and attended by the donors, speakers, President Lori Bettison-Varga as well as many students whose financial aid is currently benefiting in part or in whole from the scholarships funded by these donors.

At the luncheon, the donors will be recognized and given an opportunity to see some of the interesting projects current Scripps students are working on. They will also have a chance to talk to students and see firsthand the impact of their donations, an opportunity that many of the donors appreciate.

Carol Cleek Rush (’86), who contributes to the James W. Gould Scholarship in International Relations every year, particularly enjoys attending the luncheon. Rush has chosen to contribute to this scholarship because Gould was her academic advisor and an inspiration to her during her time at Scripps: “I wanted to honor Professor James Gould because he was very involved in nonviolence, which I thought was a very good goal for the world, and I really admired him.” Under Gould’s advising, Rush majored in International Relations at Scripps, and she hopes that this scholarship will inspire other students to do the same. Rush remembers her time at Scripps fondly, including dorm activities and her room in Toll Hall, and enjoys returning to campus each year for the luncheon. As well as socializing with other alumnae and current students, she particularly enjoys hearing presentations from the student speakers about their theses. Her past favorites include a presentation about the songs of songbirds as well as one about a community service trip to Africa.

Viivi Soolepp Romine (’56) is also very involved in the scholarship luncheon. She was inspired to establish and fund a scholarship under her own name because of her great experiences at Scripps: “Education is very important to me, and my Scripps education in particular was very important.” Romine, who grew up in Europe, moved to the United States as a young adult. Her family did not have very much money, so she thought that she wouldn’t be able to attend college, but after working hard she received a scholarship to Scripps. She said that her Scripps education had an important and lasting impact on her and particularly remembers the three- year Humanities program she participated in, holiday dinners hosted with faculty members and her job at the library. After graduating from Scripps with a major in English and a minor in French, Romine became a teacher and decided to fund this scholarship to give other young women the same opportunity she had.

Along with Rush and Romine, the many other generous donors who will be attending the luncheon deserve acknowledgment and thanks for the wonderful opportunities they are providing current Scripps students.