SAS Welcomes Students Back to Campus

By Mikayla Raymond ‘15SAS Media Relations Chair

Hello Scripps Voice Readers! My name is Mikayla Raymond and I am this year’s SAS Media Relations Chair! It is my job to keep you all up to speed with what’s going on in SAS so that we can all participate and be aware of what’s going on in our community.

SAS training began a week before classes started, and during our numerous meetings with both the executive and programming branches, as well as Dean Lee and President Bettison-Varga, we were able to discuss (and occasionally argue about) our goals for the start of the semester and how best to implement these goals. One of our biggest goals is to increase our visibility on campus. The largest aspect of this change will be an overhaul of the SAS website. Over the summer, we began designing a more attractive, useful, and better organized website to help both SAS and the student body communicate, participate, and advertise events as well as to make necessary information for CLORGS and student leaders more readily available. The site still has a very long way to go, but we have made a lot of progress and expect to have things running soon. In conjunction, I am leading a WordPress tutorial for SAS officers so that the entire SAS team can upload important information online for your viewing pleasure. In the same publicity vein, we are currently working hard to create an enticing logo for use on the SAS Website, flyers for SAS events, and t-shirts. We are also working on building our Facebook presence so that students can engage with us easily. We are confident that these changes will begin to create a closer connection between students and SAS and help inform students about what we are currently doing on campus.

Another goal is to create a set of policies for the Student Union. We want to make the space as useful for Scripps Students as possible and are currently working out procedures for reserving the conference rooms. We also want CLORGs to have the option to reserve the entire Student Union space for community events.

Additionally, we are in the process of revamping the Hall Council system. We are reevaluating the existing structure and plan to make significant changes to create a more substantial role for these representatives on our campus and within SAS. The current structure of Hall Council is not facilitating the need for more student representation on SAS and more collaboration between SAS and Residential Life, Peer Mentors, Hall Directors, and RAs.

If you have been using your dorm kitchen, you likely noticed some new additions! Thanks to a generous gift from last year’s SAS, every dorm kitchen is now fully stocked and ready for you to use. These lovely tools include: toasters, hand mixers, vegetable peelers, can openers, pots and pans of all sizes, silverware, strainers, knives, and more. No more running over to GJW for a cupcake tin and then back to Dorsey for a spatula! Until next time, keep yourself informed by liking our Facebook page, and by looking out for signs about Hall Council and First-Year Rep elections! You can visit the SAS Facebook page here.