The new Scripps Intranet: how it impacts you

By Dagny Lu '15 Staff Writer

Are you tired of navigating the labyrinth of link tabs on the Scripps website to access what you are looking for? Do you want to view the campus calendar next to today’s lunch menu?

The first week of October, the Office of Communication and Marketing launched the Scripps Intranet to serve as the new online home for members of the Scripps community. Emails, posters, and bookmarks invited students, faculty, and staff members to explore this new online resource center.

Marylou Ferry, Vice-President of Communication and Marketing, recounts that the idea to create the Scripps Intranet stems from concerns regarding web-based campus communication. “When I came to Scripps College last year I did a lot of listening, and two of the messages I heard most often related to campus communications and the web site,” said Ferry. “That led the Marketing and Communication team to create homes for both the Scripps community and those trying to access Scripps College from outside our walls.”

Development of the Intranet began last fall and continued throughout the 2011-2012 school year. Several focus groups were held to obtain input from students, faculty, and staff members of the Scripps community during the development period. “Their feedback was essential in determining content directions and getting the Intranet in the shape it is today, ” said Matt Hutaff, associate director of Digital Communications.

Hutaff explains that the new Intranet is designed to free the main Scripps website from the double role it was serving previously. “We’ve created a place for students, faculty, and staff to share news and easily access information meant just for them, preparing the way for our office to build a website [the main Scripps website] that meets the needs of those looking for information about the college,” said Hutaff. While a lot of students haven’t had the opportunity to fully explore the Intranet, some who have spent time on it responded positively.  “I really like the idea of it!” said Sharmishtha Gupta (’14),  “I hope it can be developed further to include some aspects that allow for open student dialogue.”

“The Intranet is built to serve students,” stressed Hutaff. “We plan to work with Scripps Associated Students so that updates for students play a prominent role. It’s our hope that students will find opportunities to contribute stories and photos and help shape the narrative of Scripps College online.” Check out the Intranet at and let The Scripps Voice know what you think by visiting us online at