Dear Huffington Post

By Lily Foss ‘13Feminism Columnist

When you first called me to ask if I would be on “Huff Post Live” to talk about being a SWUG (regular readers will remember that from my last column), I was pretty psyched. The Internet is the new TV! I could get famous! Well, probably not. But still, I was going to be live on the web!

However, that’s when things started to get suckish. You were way disrespectful to me, HuffPo. For one thing, the woman I spoke to said that she had read my article, but she didn’t really seem to understand the point of it at all. I mean, the article was all about how I don’t do the party thing, but I found out when the segment started that you wanted to talk about binge drinking and substance abuse. I am probably the least qualified person to talk about binge drinking. I’ve never been drunk in my life, which was the whole point of my article. Did you totally miss the part where I said that my idea of a good night is watching “The Daily Show” and eating half-frozen pie?

Secondly, why have me on if you were barely going to talk to me? I mean, I get that I’m not the best person to talk about alcohol, but that’s your own fault for having me on. You asked me to define “SWUG,” didn’t give me a chance to explain why I find the term somewhat problematic, and then cut me off. And then you never asked me about it again? What the hell?

And as further evidence of how little you were interested in what I had to say, you didn’t mention my article at all. Sure, you linked to the original Yale article, but isn’t mine the whole reason you asked me on? What, I don’t go to Yale, so my opinion doesn’t matter?

Also, way to only have me as the only woman on the segment. Progressive. And of course, I was the one you kept cutting off and ignoring. I could barely get a word in edgewise.

But my biggest issue is the fact that the two guys on the show with me got the descriptors, “Director of the Counseling Center at Pace University” and “Writer for” under their picture, but I got called a “Senior Washed Up Girl at Scripps College.” I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways in which that is not okay.

Firstly, you are not allowed to call me a girl. I can call myself a girl, you can’t. Secondly, you can’t call me “washed up” without allowing me to explain. In my article, I mentioned that I have a big problem with that part of the acronym, but you totally ignored that. I said that I don’t consider myself washed up, but you decided that I am anyway. And thirdly, that’s really the best way you can think of to describe me? You don’t realize how incredibly insulting that is? How about “Student at Scripps College,” since that’s what I am?! You only talked to the BroBible guy about being in a fraternity at Georgetown in college, but he gets to be a writer, whereas I’m a washed up girl. Thanks.

So, in conclusion, that was a douche move, HuffPo. I am not okay with it. And please stop calling me at East Coast hours to ask me to be on the show again. When hell freezes over, we’ll talk. Until then, leave me alone. I’m too busy being washed up to put up with your bullshit sexism.