Empowering Education

Empowering Education is an educational program for middle school-aged disabled students at El Roble Intermediate School. The program will consist of tutoring, college-readiness workshops, and tours, as well as workshops around disability justice. On the part of college students, the program will be based on a social justice service model, which will consciously encourage tutors to engage critically with their own positionalities and privileges with regards to systems of oppression in our society. For the middle school students, we will be providing academic support and empowering education with a focus on disability justice. Our hope is to empower, encourage, and educate disabled communities and allies to create social change. Contact: Sheena Iwamoto and Natalie Yau.

Women in Technology
Scripps Women in Technology is a club dedicated to three goals. The first goal of the club is to provide technology resources and information to Scripps students. This includes things such as making sure they are aware of the technology available on campus (computer labs, iPads, cameras, software, etc.) and the services on-campus (IT, CP&R, tech classes). The second goal is to foster a community where students of all tech levels can work together, learn together, and grow. This includes students giving workshops on things such as wordpress, building a computer, etc. The third goal of the club is to help alumni in tech fields connect with students so that the alumni may share their knowledge and experiences of working in a field dominated by men. Our mission is to make Scripps students more tech literate, and provide resources and mentoring for students interested in tech fields. Contact: Alicen Lewis and Sarah Chung.

Chinese Student Association
Scripps Chinese Student Association (SCSA) is dedicated to offer the Scripps community a social and cultural environment to learn more about China through activities and discussions. SCSA is also a platform for Scripps Chinese students to share their experiences. Contact: Wanyun Yang.

Student Art Society
The Scripps Student Art Society exists to ensure ample opportunities for Scripps students to participate in student-run exhibitions, promote awareness of other art students and art enthusiasts on campus, to provide an avenue through which Scripps students can engage with the Los Angeles art community, and to catalyze discussions on how the Scripps art program can be improved in the future. Contact: Leah Hughes.

Law Society
The Scripps College Law Society is a student-run organization dedicated to legal issues. SCLS organizes events for Scripps women regarding the law, such as LSAT Prep events, Public Speaking events, events about current popular issues in Law, as well as semi-annual networking dinners with guest speakers in the Law.

Fair Trade Committee
The Scripps College Fair Trade Committee seeks to gain and sustain Fair Trade Certification for Scripps College. Within the guidelines of Fair Trade Campaigns, we join a national effort to promote ethical supply chains in all domains of production. In Fair Trade Certification we seek to ensure that Scripps College offers goods from production systems that provide: 1) Fair wages to farmer groups based on a FT minimum floor price that grants a premium for certified organic products. 2) Credit for community development projects chosen and carried out by the members of farming communities, themselves. 3) Fair labor conditions that prohibit forced child labor, ensure safety on the job, and grant workers freedom of association. 4) Environmental sustainability that prohibits GMOs and harmful agrochemicals. Contact: Ariana Stuart and Emily Moore.

Women in Finance and Consulting
Our group aims to provide business-related resources and information to Scripps students, foster an on-campus community of future industry professionals, and connect students with alumni, particularly in the finance and consulting industries. We will achieve this by making sure students are aware of industry-specific opportunities on ClaremontConnect; coordinating workshops on technical financial interviews, business school applications, and post-graduate plans; and providing on-campus networking opportunities, among other endeavors. Contact: Penny Wu and Sarah Chung.

Empowering Scripps women interested in entrepreneurship to learn more about the field, found companies, and make change. Contact: Caroline Ebinger.

The Mission at Natuvu Creek
Our mission is to serve, at our best, the rural people of Fiji through the provision of world-class medical/dental care, education, job training and counseling in healthful living and spiritual growth. Contact: Dina Aluzri.

Scripps Climate Justice
Scripps Climate Justice seeks to foster mindful action within the Scripps community on the issue of global climate change. The Claremont Colleges Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign has already been working toward these goals for two years, and this group seeks to amplify their work on the Scripps campus. The practices of the fossil fuel industry directly contribute to increasingly common and damaging climate disasters and disproportionately affect low income and minority communities through pollution, toxic waste dumping, and dangerous working conditions. With these pressing issues in mind, we hope to build connections to those within the local community who suffer most from the adverse effects of the fossil fuel industry and use our position of power as college students to encourage the school administration to divest from fossil fuels. This movement is about challenging the entrenched power dynamics of the fossil fuel industry’s political and economic stranglehold on our government and society. Contact: Elizabeth Medford and Avery Pheil.

CARE: Creating Academic Relations Through Education
CARE is a student-run organization that cultivates a mutually beneficial educational relationship between the Claremont Colleges and Chaparral Elementary School. The aims of this organization focus on providing elementary school students with college-level role models to inspire them towards the pursuit of higher education, while providing college students with an opportunity to become familiar with a public school education system, elementary school teaching methods, and most importantly, first-hand experience in a classroom setting. The goal is to create a lasting alliance between the five Claremont Colleges and the local elementary school to cultivate dialogue and interaction between them. In addition to providing students with an opportunity to engage with a local public school, this is also a great way for students who are interested in volunteering in the community to do so in a positive and fun way. Contact: Caitlyn Marianacci.

Fandangueras De Claremont
Fandangueras de Claremont seeks to create a space of convivencia, or communal living, through the practice of Fandango Jarocho, a tradition of Veracruz, Mexico, that incorporates music, dance, and verse. We aim to build community, create a context for social justice work related to Fandango Jarocho, and sustain the knowledge and participatory practices learned and embodied in Professor Martha Gonzalez’s class, Fandango as a De-Colonial Tool. Contact: Melissa Montez.

Claremont Integrated Science Society
The Claremont Integrated Sciences Society (CISS) is a forum for the science students at the Joint Science Department, Keck Science. The purpose of the CISS is to allow for the mentorship of science students and to preserve the voice of science students in departmental affairs including but not limited to curriculum and others. The CISS intends to provide guidance for science students by offering advice for courses and college in general. Through social gatherings and other events, the CISS hopes to create lifelong bonds between students that have a passionate interest in the sciences. The latter purposes of the CISS will be to network and share experiences in the sciences from discussing internship experiences to collaborating for future research projects. Contact: Emilie Fisher.

Coalition Against Classism
We are an action-based student-run organization that advocates for institutional and social change centered around classism and its intersections with other systems of oppression. We also seek to create community and a support network for students affected by classism. Contact: Felicia Agrelius.

Garden Club
We created the Scripps Garden Club to maintain the beautiful, peaceful, and delicious student run garden. We work with the students and grounds to ensure that the Scripps Garden is a place where students can safely grow and consume a multitude of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. This wonderful, free resource is provided for us by Scripps grounds and the dedicated Scripps students who worked hard to build and maintain it in the past. The Garden Club is an easy way to show our appreciation for their efforts while being rewarded with the amazing fruits of our labors. We also promote healthy eating, living, composting, and sustainability awareness at Scripps and in our daily lives.

Leaders in Education
Our mission is to build a community of future educators and activists fighting for more just schools, and particularly (but not exclusively) focused on public education. We will collaborate with other organizations both on and off campus to end the use of education as a tool to sustain colonialism, capitalism, and militarism. This is a political organization: a platform to promote, defend, and fight for public education, through engaging the Claremont community in political discourse confronting issues of ableism, classism, heterosexism, and racism, and how students can effect positive change. Through networking, hosting speakers, and organizing teach-ins, we will connect students with resources to advance their futures as educators and/or activists. Contact: Tara Partow and Nancy Herrera.

I Am That Girl
This isn’t just a women’s movement, it’s a human movement. And we need everyone. A girl’s physical, emotional and mental well-being is rooted in her self-worth. And we are living in an epidemic of self-doubt. I AM THAT GIRL exists to transform self-doubt into self-love. Every day, girls are bombarded with messages that attack what she is NOT and we work every day to help her love who SHE IS; to see that in herself and inspire that in others. We’ve seen limitless possibility when girls collaborate instead of compete and contribute as much as they consume. By building community for girls to be seen, be heard, be loved, and belong, to discover their innate worth, and to embrace and celebrate who they are, we will transform their lives and create a healthier, more powerful world. Our local and digital community, premium, curated, and user-generated content, and targeted education-based programs all address the emotional, mental and physical well-being of girls. COMMUNITY: We build online and offline community to give girls a safe space to DISCOVER, BE, and EXPRESS who she is. CONTENT: Media is the most powerful tool to influence how a girl defines herself. We CREATE, CURATE, and ADVOCATE for premium and user-generated content for various distribution channels to inspire healthy conversations and honest perspectives. EDUCATION: We are providing tangible tools and resources with an interactive curriculum to teach girls emotional intelligence, professional skills and personal development. Contact: Laurel Schwartz and Sarah Rosen.

Feminist Union
Feminist Union Scripps College will build a community-based anti-racist feminist space of reflection, action, and self care. We will create dialogues about approaches to gender justice that are plural, critical, and constructive. Our approach rests on the premise that gendered inequalities emerge from plural experiences of power and systemic oppression. These include, but are not limited to, racial, gendered, classed, and national positioning in which we are differentially located both within our communities and as individuals. We hope to create a space where self sustainability and grassroots leadership among the most marginalized communities, with a particular focus on those experiencing gendered violence, are supported in ways that create learning as well as progressive social change. We will endorse a space of self-care by inviting organizers and community members to share and discuss the experience of activism among marginalized communities. We believe that shared experiences are a source of power, support, and comfort, and that is why our intervention as a Feminist Union is to advocate for structural support for the Feminist Gender and Sexuality Studies department, and recognizing self care as a necessary part of engaging in this work. We envision collective leadership that mindfully creates projects and campaigns that blend thinking and action in progress and transformative ways. Contact: Zandalee Springs and Kay James.