On Thursday, May 8, a group of students from the Scripps Poetry Writing Workshop class will host a free open mic night at the Pomona Greek Amphitheater, located at the Pomona College Farm. The event will include live music, poetry readings, and other forms of entertainment. Free dinner will be served, with tentative plans for a menu including pasta, salad, appetizers, fresh fruit, drinks, and snacks. Everyone is invited to perform and sit back and enjoy the show.
Student musicians outside the poetry class have been invited to participate in the event, with one student host considering the incorporation of music in his poetry reading. The class also hopes to provide a variety of instruments for its audience to play around with, either on stage or during the show’s intermission. Members of the audience are invited to bring their own instruments to share with the community for the night.   
Having begun planning over a month and a half ago, the group purposely chosen a date during reading days so students can attend without worrying about missing class. In a similar mindset, the hosts encourage those who are  reticent about sharing their work to accept their offer to act as proxy performers. That being said, they encourage everyone to recognize the event as a free space, a place for freedom of expression.
  The party’s hosts plan to share their original work, poems written to fulfill assignments as well as those penned outside of class. Funded by the Scripps’ English department, the show will be hosted small class of eight: Lucas Ayenew PZ ‘17, Nick Zmijeski PZ ‘17, Alexa Campbell PZ ‘15, Marissa Dorit, Sean Fentress PZ ‘16, Neeka Salmasi PZ ‘16, Maile Blume SC ‘17, and Jessica Lin SC ‘16.
Although still in the midst of preparation, the group is hoping to craft handmade, surprise gifts for those who attend the event. So make sure to come out and support your friends. It’s sure to be a show you won’t want to miss.