Two perfect looks to wear in winter

Hello Scripps! It is time to officially trade your Birkenstocks for boots and your crop tops for sweaters. Sweaters are your best accessory in a SoCal winter; they keep you warm on your way to your morning class and can be tied casually around your waist when the sun finally comes out. Tying a sweater around your waist is retro and cool — at least that is what I tell myself. Boots are another classic winter item; they serve both a functional and a fashionable purpose. While your friend in the Northeast might be wearing boots for survival, you wear them because they give your outfit a winter vibe. I have a very low tolerance for cold weather, so if you see a girl wearing four layers, a scarf and a hat walking towards the Motley for a warm drink, it is probably me. Until next semester, bundle up and enjoy that hard-earned winter break.

Taylor Carr-Howard '17

Taylor Carr-Howard '17

Look One:

Name: Taylor Carr-Howard

Year: Sophomore

Outfit: Taylor pulls off the California winter look with a comfy sweater and jeans and Converse to give it a casual feel

Inspiration: “It’s cold and my sweater is soft!”

Favorite item of clothing: “Sweaters are absolutely my favorite.”

Haley Godtfredsen '16

Haley Godtfredsen '16



Look Two:

Name: Haley Godtfredsen

Year: Junior

Outfit: Haley is perfectly prepared for the perpetually-indecisive California “winter” weather with dark fall colors and boots to protect against the cold mornings, and short sleeves for when the sun decides to come out.

Look Two courtesy of Nicole Zwiener ‘16