1 in 950: Neelufar Franklin ‘18

Interview by Talia Speaker ‘18
Staff Writer

Neelufar Franklin ‘18

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Intended Major: Human Biology & Humanities

What activities have you been involved in since coming to Scripps in the fall?

I’ve been involved in the Secular Students’ Alliance, Scripps Live Arts, KSPC, On the Loose, and Scripps Quest Scholars.

What inspired you to choose Scripps?

Scripps College is one of 35 partner colleges for Questbridge (an organization that connects low-income students with leading institutions of higher education) and upon becoming a Quest finalist I began looking into smaller, private colleges. After visiting Claremont during a small trip to California I knew that the Claremont Consortium was the place for me. Scripps turned out to be the gem of the consortium; the all-women’s environment was intimidating at first, however, I learned of how supportive and empowering an atmosphere like Scripps can be and knew that there wasn’t any other school I would rather attend.

Tell us about an experience you had at Scripps this year that was particularly meaningful or transformative for you

Every open mic night I’ve been to at Scripps has been a meaningful experience for me; I have so many friends and am surrounded by so many people who are so brilliant and willing to share parts of themselves with others. I always leave with an immense sense of gratitude and awe for my talented friends and peers.

What will you be doing this summer?

I’m going to be travelling to Iran with my mom for a month to visit family and explore the beautiful place that my mom calls home. Hopefully while I’m there I’ll be able to volunteer my free time at an organization that helps transform the lives of at-risk girls, as well as take some classes to improve my Farsi reading and writing abilities! Afterwards, I’ll be at home finishing up my yoga teacher training with my wonderful teacher and mentor.

Do you have a favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is probably Denison’s Holbein room. After having my Core I discussion class in this space I’ve felt really connected to it, especially in the hours of the day when the light shines through the opaque windows and the whole room seems like its filled with a sort of air that makes me feel full with all of the potential and wisdom of the many students that have studied in there before me.

What’s your favorite Motley drink?

A hot matcha chacha with almond milk or the white coconut cream tea (truly can’t decide between the two)

What advice would you give to the incoming class to help them get the most out of their first year on campus?

Get involved across the campuses! The people I’ve met in the clubs and organizations I’ve been involved in across the 5Cs have become some of my closest and most special friends. There are so many opportunities to be taken advantage of at these schools, which can be overwhelming at times, but the gain from getting involved is priceless.