1 in 950: Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle '20

Interview by Erin Delany ‘20
Staff Writer

TSV: Where are you from?

Lizzie: I’m from Sammamish, Washington. It’s a small suburb 40 minutes East of Seattle. Sammamish has a lot of wildlife, like coyotes and bobcats. There was once a warning in the town newspaper about an attack owl.

TSV: You’re a first year. What has been your first impression of Scripps?

Lizzie: Scripps seems challenging but quirky. I’m kind of quirky, and I feel like Scripps fosters that.

TSV: You’re quirky?

Lizzie: When I was little--actually, for a while when I was younger--I used to hunt for dinosaur bones in my backyard. I guess it fostered my curiosity, I’m still really interested in science and I think I might want to major in something science related.

TSV: What is one item on your bucket list for your time at Scripps?

Lizzie: Scripps bucket list? Oh, I don’t know. There’s just so much! I guess I want to sit on the roof and watch the sunrise or the sunset. I live in Browning, so we have the balcony.

TSV: If you could do anything with your life, what would you do?

Lizzie: I would probably live in different places, move around a bit. I have family in Manchester, England. I would also want to live in the Galapagos and study the ecosystem there. It’s really selective, but that is 100% what I would do.

TSV: Who is your favorite female leader?

Lizzie: Definitely Michelle Obama. She is such an intelligent, well-spoken woman. She could very well sit back and do nothing, but she’s made others’ needs her priority. She’s also very smart and she knows how she can use her influence and how she can’t.

TSV: What is the best advice you have received?

Lizzie: My Writing 50 professor told me that when it comes to making a choice between your head and your heart, you should always pick your heart because you can forgive your heart.

TSV: What is one secret talent that you possess?

Lizzie: I can do a really realistic seagull call.