SAS : Eurotrash a big success

By Haley Godtfredsen ‘16
SAS 5C Events Chair

Another year, another Eurotrash. On November 9th, SAS held its largest 5C party of the year in the Sallie Tiernan Field House parking garage. Students dressed in “Eurotrash” attire and danced to DJ Frakture’s bumpin’ EDM music. SAS declared the three-hour party a success, with one of the highest attendances of all of the past Eurotrash events.
SAS prides itself in creating safe party atmospheres. This year we took extra steps to make Eurotrash a comfortable space for all by increasing the visibility inside the usually darker parking garage and by increasing the number of security personnel. Increased visibility also created more lit open areas where attendees could converse rather than only having dimly lit areas for dancing. We are pleased to report that there were no alcohol or drug related hospital transports, which frequently occur at events of this size.
Post-party, SAS discussed the meaning of the term Eurotrash. Some people have been left asking, “What is Eurotrash, how does one dress like that, and what does it mean?” There have been some confused students and several incidences of students in past years feeling uncomfortable with the theme. For those who don’t know, Eurotrash was originally associated with electric dance music (EDM), which was popular mostly in Europe. Over time, it migrated over to the United States and became popular, so the party and style of music has lost its original association to Europe.
All of this considered, we are considering a name change for Eurotrash. This does not mean the end of dressing up in fun, neon, and crazy attire, or playing EDM at large parties. Rather, in picking a different name we hope it will clear up any confusion about what the party and its implications are. We don’t want students to feel they might be offending someone else if they dress to fit the party theme. We have not come to any conclusions about this issue, but will encourage next year’s SAS representatives to consider it before they put on what would be Eurotrash next year. SAS will continue to discuss how we can improve large 5C events. It is our goal to create environments that are safe, comfortable, and fun for all partygoers.